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The ancient ritual of Cappelli wheat threshing takes place on the property surrounding the estate; the activity occupies a great number of people for an entire day. The fields are worked using vintage machines, the only ones that are still capable to harvest the special Cappelli wheat variety, the ears of which grow up to 1.80 metres in height. In particular, we use the Ruston locomobile, a rather fascinating tool. It is a very old steam-powered engine dating back to the early 1900's, used to power the threshing machine, another reconditioned vintage tool, which separates the wheat grains from the rest of the ear. At the end of the process, the well-known "sheaves" are piled up. On the San Martino a Cecione estate there are still people who remember the days when threshing was considered a festive event. The ritual repeats itself and the clock seems to turn back a century: the noises, the people, the scents are those of days long past, and the old peasants, eyes gleaming with emotion, make us feel fortunate because we have the privilege of attending a unique event in its kind. And, after the threshing, we make bread and pasta with the flour ground from our wheat.

Wheat Threshing